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Less Upkeep, More Savings: The Beauty of a Simplified Hair Routine

Less Upkeep, More Savings: The Beauty of a Simplified Hair Routine

Less Upkeep, More Savings: the Beauty of a Simplified Hair Routine

It’s 2023: people are busier, and funds are tighter, but the pressure to look perfect isn’t going anywhere. Struggling to make room in your life for top-tier hair maintenance?

You’re not alone. With women spending an average of $877 per year and 55 minutes per day on their appearance, it’s getting harder to stay on top of a beauty regimen

Extensions, wigs, and lace wigs have long helped ease the burden of hair styling but haven’t always been easy to maintain. Luckily, new techniques for their upkeep are making it even easier to save time and lower costs – all while achieving beautiful, healthy hair that lasts.

Let’s take a deeper look at the true cost of hair maintenance, why it matters, and the best methods for keeping things cheap and simple.

Budgeting for Beautiful Hair

If there are two things everyone wants more of, it’s time and money. And in the world of cosmetology, the #1 category taking up the most of both is hair: 71% of Americans spend the most of their appearance-related funds on hair, dedicating more of their paycheck to it than even skincare and makeup.

This is especially true for Black Americans, who spend nearly nine times as much money on ethnic hair and beauty products like wigs than their non-black counterparts. 

And when it comes to the time of the day spent grooming hair, research has found averages ranging from eleven hours per month to nearly one hour per day.

No matter who you are or where you come from, odds are beautiful hair is taking up your time and money.

Why It’s Worth it

Despite the energy suck, women know first-hand what makes beautiful hair so valuable. 

Well-kept hair tells the world you’re self-managed, put together, and have the resources to care about yourself. 

Lackluster hair boosts self-doubt and personal criticism. A ‘bad hair day’ is a universal pain for a reason – research confirms they’re directly linked to low confidence.

You deserve to feel good about yourself, so investing in your hair, wigs, and lace front wigs is absolutely worth it. So how can you balance this necessity with the constraints of scheduling and budgets?

Power in Simplicity

Luckily, wigs and extensions can be the time and money savers you’re looking for (they’re also great for restoring confidence – check out this blog to see why).

The initial investment may be on par with your natural hair maintenance costs, but once you have the right wigs, lace wigs, and extensions, you can say goodbye to spending hours and dollars at the salon. 

You can wash, dry, and clean your wigs and extensions at home, and unlike your natural locks, you’ll never have to worry about recoloring them

If perfecting this technique sounds time-consuming, take a look at the HerDryer Portable Hair Dryer System. We created the world’s first professional-grade, at-home washing system with timing and budgets in mind – it achieves salon-quality wigs and extensions in under an hour

No matter your saving goals or scheduling demands, you should never have to sacrifice your appearance. Order your HerDryer today to simplify your hair routine for the better!

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