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The Perfect Portable Hair Dryer System for Your Favorite Wigs & Hair Extensions

HerDryer products are the world’s first at-home hair dryer system designed to dry your wigs and hair extensions in minutes! Order yours today.

Wig Dryer PRO $27

The Wig Dryer PRO has all of the great features of the Wig Dryer DELUXE minus (-) the 10" extension.  This portable device dries your wigs and hair extensions in 1 hour or less!

Quick Product Features 

Here are some of the highlights of this amazing product:

  • 20-inch dryer body
  • Three plastic clips inside the bag to hang your wigs or hair extensions
  • Inside safety net
  • Ventilation holes
  • Access zip flap
  • Dryer Velcro strap
  • An adjustable 6.5-inch dryer nozzle opening
  • Fits most hair dryers
  • Recommended dryer heat settings: medium or low
  • Conveniently fold inside the dryer funnel to become portable

HerDryer products are so easy to use! 

In just 3 simple steps...

Wash, Clip, and Dry!

You never have to delay wash day again. 

Wash day doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be quick, easy, and convenient with HerDryer products!

Free Shipping!

Free Shipping!

Always on the go? It’s the perfect hair accessory for you.

You can use HerDryer products at home, in a hotel, or wherever you go!

Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for travel.

So whether you’re on vacation or at home, this hair dryer system is the perfect accessory to keep your hair extensions and wigs looking as good as new.

For moms, career gals, and stylists worldwide

Whether you’re a career gal who is always on business trips, a mom who wants to save time on morning beauty routines, or a professional stylist who serves different clients all week, these amazing products are for you!

Founded For You By A Woman Just Like You

Our hair is our superpower and there’s no doubt about it! As a former Miss Nevada/Miss Congeniality USA, I’ve worn hair extensions since the age of 15 as they’ve continued to play a pivotal role in encouraging me to step into my authentic power.

My mission is simple: to help move-makers find and feel that same confidence I’ve felt all these
years. I’m motivated by a vision of gifting people with innovative, luxury products that save time
and streamline our beauty rituals so we can get back to pursuing life-changing dreams.

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