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The Perfect Portable Hair Dryer System for Your Favorite Wigs & Hair Extensions

HerDryer is the world’s first professional-grade, at-home hair dryer system designed to give your wigs and hair extensions salon quality in under an hour. Order yours today.

You never have to delay wash day again. 

Wash day doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be quick, easy, and convenient with HerDryer!

You no longer have to spend hours washing and drying your go-to wigs and clip-ins.

All you have to do is wash them normally and pop them inside your HerDryer, and wait for them to dry and be ready to be styled. Don’t fret, as that’ll only take a few minutes.

Free Shipping!

Free Shipping!

Always on the go? It’s the perfect hair accessory for you.

You can use HerDryer at home, in a hotel, or wherever you go!

Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for travel.

So whether you’re on vacation or at home, this hair dryer bag is the perfect accessory to keep your hair extensions and wigs looking as good as new.

HerDryer is so easy to use! 

In a few simple steps, you can dry your freshly-washed hair extensions using HerDryer.

First, clip them inside the bag (you can attach two to three wigs or hair extensions at once) and zip the bag closed.

Do you have long clip-in locks?

Don’t worry; you can extend the dryer body by ten more inches.

All wigs in place?

Now, attach a hair dryer to the bottom of the bag using a velcro strap.

Your clip-ins and wigs will be dry and ready to wear within minutes.

Quick product highlights

Have you invested in high-quality wigs and clip-in hair extensions? Don’t let your money go down the drain! Use HerDryer to preserve their life and appearance. That’s not to mention that HerDryer can save you lots of time when preparing in the morning or catering to your clients. 

Here are some of the highlights of this amazing product:

  • 20-inch dryer body with adjustable length (ten inches); can hold and dry hair as long as 30 inches
  • Three plastic clips inside the bag to hang your wigs or hair extensions
  • Inside safety net
  • Ventilation holes
  • Access zip flap
  • Dryer velcro strap
  • Adjustable 6.5-inch dryer nozzle opening
  • Tie-down ribbon
  • Fits most hair dryers
  • Can dry wigs and hair extensions under 150 grams in 30 minutes to one hour
  • Recommended dryer heat settings: medium or low

Ready to experience these product features?

Place your order online today. 

For moms, career gals, and stylists worldwide

Whether you’re a career gal who is always on business trips, a mom who wants to save time on morning beauty routines, or a professional stylist who serves different clients all week, the amazing HerDryer is for you!

It’s a revolutionary product that will help dry your go-to wigs and hair extensions in under an hour. You can get back on your day right away!

Order now.

HERstory is Our Story

Hi, beauties! Welcome to the world of HerDryer! 

We are HERstory makers. We are unstoppable. We are versatile.

Our Patent Pending product was originally designed with all hair fanatics in mind. The ones who have to schedule an entire morning or even an entire day to make sure they’re rocking the style that screams their personality. These also include hair stylists who need to wow their clients each time. Finally, those days of spending hours n wash day are over for us.

No more waiting hours and hours to dry these hair essentials using ceiling fans, cloth dryers, floor fans, and many other drying techniques that can be dangerous and harmful to the hair. We’re proud to introduce to you HerDryer—the world’s first professional-grade, at-home hair dryer system designed to give your wigs and hair extensions salon quality in under an hour.

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