The Mini Star Edition has all of the great features of the Star Edition minus (-) the 10" extension.  This portable device dries your wigs and hair extensions in 1 hour or less!

Here are some of the highlights of this amazing product:

  • 20-inch dryer body
  • Three plastic clips inside the bag to hang your wigs or hair extensions
  • Inside safety net
  • Access zip flap
  • Adjustable Dryer Velcro strap
  • Fits most hair dryers
  • Recommended dryer heat settings: medium or low
  • Conveniently fold inside the dryer funnel to become portable

Our Story, Our Promise

We are in the business of helping people express their power and style through fabulous hair.

So our mission is simple: to offer a revolutionary product that will help you feel confident & empowered knowing you no longer have to delay wash day.

With HerDryer, you can rock a stunning hairstyle anytime! You can save time on beauty rituals to get back to pursuing your life-changing dreams.

More importantly, you can face any challenge feeling perfectly poised.

Frequently Asked Questions